How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know

How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know

The backhand in tennis is relatively difficult for those who are just starting in basic tennis. This is a technique that requires you to participate in tennis for a long time. However, it is easier for some people to execute the backhand than the forehand. How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know will help you understand better.

What is the backhand in tennis?

The backhand stroke is a stroke in tennis where the player uses his left hand to make a stroke. When performing a backhand stroke, the back of the hand should face forward, the palm facing inward (opposite of the forehand).

Because when it comes to the player’s left hand, which is not the dominant hand, the backhand often lacks power and stability, so it is difficult to master. Even so many professional players show a huge difference between their backhand and forehand, exploiting the weakness of the backhand has thus become a common playing strategy. People divide backhand into two types: two-handed backhand and one-handed backhand.

How to hold a racquet for a backhand

Tennis champions use a common grip for the right and backhand in tennis. However, we need to emphasize that this general grip is reserved for those who have played tennis for a long time. Special sensitivity is required because if you do not change the grip of the tennis racket, it is necessary to use a very flexible wrist to adapt to different angles due to different ball paths.

Beginners should practice step by step. The best technique for the left shot begins with a handshake grip. Try to hold the racket in a right-hand grip, bringing the racket to the left. You will see the racquet head tilt slightly and you will feel it if you hit the ball in position. That way, the ball will go wrong.

Hold the racquet out in front of you and you will see that if you hold the racquet correctly in a handshake, your thumb and index finger form a V with its midpoint resting on the upper plane of the handle. Now grab the racquet with your left hand just before the curve and rotate it to the right. Until the midpoint of the letter Y formed by the index finger and thumb is at the first side of the handle.

Unlike a right stroke, the palm from the base of the thumb rests on the upper part of the handle. Thus, the racquet handle is surrounded by the palm. The index finger is still slightly away from the other fingers that are parallel to each other and with the other fingers raise the racket. So you have rotated the racket to the right with this tennis backhand grip.

Move the racquet to the left and you will see that it is now perfectly perpendicular to the court. So it’s in the right position to hit the ball. This is further information in How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know.

Foot position of the backhand stroke in tennis

As with the right shot, stand in the center of the court where the line intersects the two servers. But you should stand in the opposite position to the position when hitting the right. Now the right leg is in front and bears the weight of the torso.

Body position

The right flank is towards the net (in the right hit, the left flank). Body weight is on both legs. This is further information in How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know.


To hit the backhand in tennis, you must also start practicing hitting the ball without the ball. Hold the racquet as directed, while the left-hand lift the racquet’s neck slightly from the bottom. The thumb is placed on top and the other fingers rest on the racket.

Bring the racquet back, the left hand still supports lifting the racket when this hand is in front of the body. Slowly release the racket in front of you. Suddenly the left hand let go of the racket. Body weight begins to shift to the right leg. The arms are straighter when hitting the right, while the shoulders and butt rotate very little with the forward movement of the racket.

How to hit the ball?

Try hitting the ball after you have mastered the ball manipulation. Ask a teammate to drop the ball in front of you to make a left shot. Try to hit the ball with a firm grip on the racquet handle, this will help you stay square with your backhand. You will be hindered by your left arm in the movements.

Try to bring your left hand immediately to the correct position and bring it up relatively high and release the ball. In this case, you cannot lift the racket with your left hand. Do the full movement later, and now try to coordinate the movements. Body weight is on both legs. This is further information in How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know.

Do the full backhand movement in tennis

After many repetitions of the backhand and when you feel steady enough to hit the ball properly. You can ask a friend to help you and try hitting the net. Just like when hitting the right, you should start from the waiting position. You stand facing the net, knees bent low. Hold the racket to hit the right ball, the left-hand lifts the racket, and the ball are released. This is further information in How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know.

You start bringing the racquet back and swing it slightly to the right to prepare the grip for the tennis backhand. Swing on the left foot and step the right foot forward. Continue bringing the racket back, while the ball approaches. But before the ball hits the ground. Lift right leg up parallel to left leg under pressure. Once your legs are parallel and the swing back is complete, rotate as much as possible.

Now bring the racket forward and hit the ball. Body weight on the right leg, arms straight. Let’s finish the movement in front. Arms straighten, body weight is on the right leg, left-hand keeps the balance for movement. Bring the left leg back to the starting position and the right leg parallel. Return to the waiting position to perform the most effective one-handed tennis technique.

Hope the article How To Backhand Tennis You Should Know will provide useful information for you.

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