Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?

Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?

Today, many people are very enthusiastic about experiential trips such as climbing mountains to discover the beauty of nature. To make climbing fun and safe, owning a pair of specialized climbing shoes is necessary. Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes? will answer you about tennis shoes for climbing.

How to choose professional climbing shoes

Get to know the waterproof ability

Good waterproofing is an important unique feature of specialized mountaineering shoes to suit all difficult mountainous terrains and high-impact activities when climbing. This is a feature you need to check before you buy. Based on the experience of longtime climbers, how to recognize the good waterproof ability of professional climbing shoes can be mentioned as:

– The upper part of the instep cushion, in the middle of the two rows of holes, must be threaded together to prevent water from flowing deep into the shoe.

– The shoe sole is designed with rubber to increase rigidity, good bearing capacity, and low abrasion ability.

Should choose high or low shoes for easy but safe climbing

Choosing high or low boots completely depends on the climate and terrain where you go climbing. And there are 3 options for your reference:

Low-cut shoes bring lightness, comfort, and quick movement due to their simple design, weight, and compact size. However, it does not protect the ankle, water and dirt easily penetrate deep inside.

High ankle boots are chosen by many people when going through swamps in the jungle to limit mud, water, and dust inside and limit dislocation.

Sneakers are one of the most popular and used shoes today. Because it inherits the features and overcomes the disadvantages of the above two types of shoes. This is the next information in Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?

Shoe size is an important factor that cannot be ignored

Shoe size greatly affects walking in mountainous terrain. Choosing the right size to protect your feet is essential. The secret to choosing climbing shoes is to choose a size that is 0.5-1 size larger than your foot size.
You need to care about comfort, lightness, and the ability to protect your feet.

Don’t pay too much attention to the outside appearance and forget about the quality of the interior design. Good shoes will protect your feet from blistering due to tightness and always create a smooth and light feeling to help your feet stay strong during the mountain climbing journey.

Can tennis shoes be used for climbing?

Hiking or rock climbing is a form of recreation that allows participants to experience the wonders of nature. Experiences like these are often cut short or postponed when the right equipment is not used to ensure a comfortable and safe outing. Today there is a wide selection of hiking boots.

Tennis shoes are an option that can be used for hiking. However, they may not be your most effective and safe choice. This is the next information in Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?


The advantages of climbing in tennis shoes include lighter weight. Tennis shoes are lighter in weight than other hiking shoe options. People who focus on lightweight hiking or minimalist hiking often prefer tennis shoes over hiking shoes for this reason. Breathable, comfortable tennis shoes that dry quickly and take off easily.


The downsides of climbing with tennis shoes are many. The soles of tennis shoes are not built to grip complex climbing surfaces such as soil, rocks, and bark. You’re more likely to get injured from a slip while climbing than wearing tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes are cut low and do not provide the same support and ankle protection as professional climbing shoes. Climbers often carry backpacks containing water, food, and emergency essentials. The extra weight from the backpack will be better managed if ankle support boots are used. This is the next information in Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?

Optional included

Determine the duration, distance, and difficulty of your hike. You need to know these factors as it aids in choosing the right footwear for your hiking trip. Choose a lightweight pair of hiking boots if you’re going hiking for the day with a light backpack. The sole is designed for a firm grip and flexibility on the go. Hiking boots with added ankle support are used for multi-day treks carrying light luggage.

They have a short shelf life, so wear them before your trip to avoid blistering feet. Choose a pair of hiking boots if your trip lasts more than a day and you carry heavy packages on a variety of terrain. Hiking boots are designed to withstand heavy loads and have nail hooks for use when traveling on glaciers. The most durable, supportive, and load-bearing hiking boots you’ll find in Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes?

Compare climbing shoes and tennis shoes

Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes comparison between the two types of shoes? This will give you an overview of the pros and cons of each type of shoe. Tennis shoes are designed for use on flat surfaces such as sidewalks and tennis courts. They have a thin base construction that is not intended for long-term use or harsh conditions.

Mountaineering boots are designed for hiking on rough terrain. They have a thick sole design that protects your foot from impacts and provides traction on slippery surfaces. Whereas tennis shoes offer little support and cushioning, hiking boots are designed for comfort over long periods.

Tennis shoes are not waterproof, so you will get wet when it rains or when crossing a stream. Hiking boots are made from waterproof materials to keep your feet dry in the wettest conditions. Tennis shoes are not as durable as hiking boots and will not last as long. While hiking boots are made from durable materials that can withstand years of use.

Hope the article Should You Go Hiking With Tennis Shoes? will help you get more useful information.

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