Guide how to clean tennis shoes with Oxiclean in 6 easy and fast steps

What is Oxiclean? What is it used for? How to clean tennis shoes with oxiclean? This is a question many people playing sports and others have asked. Although they have heard about it, not everyone understands about Oxiclean. The sharing from Tennisqa below will help you better understand this product.

What is Oxiclean?

Household cleaners and OxiClean Versible Stain Bleach are all part of the Oxiclean brand. Prior to 1997, Church & Dwight purchased OxiClean from Orange Glo International, which had previously held the brand.



OxiClean is known as a “miracle cleaner”, marketed widely through advertising with Billy Mays in the United States and Canada. After being acquired by Church and Dwight, OxiClean has been widely used in laundry products with the introduction of the first detergent product, “OxiClean Detergent”. Following that in 2014, OxiClean Liquid Detergent products were born in turn.

Sodium percarbonate, a supplement containing sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, is one of the active ingredients in OxiClean. Therefore, Oxiclean will undergo a chemical reaction and dissolve itself when it comes into touch with water. This process creates an oxidizing agent, which has the effect of removing stains and dust.

What are the effects of Oxiclean?

As was already mentioned, oxiclean is an excellent cleanser. It is a cleaning agent included in washing powders that can remove any stain, even one that has been yellowed or imprinted for a long time. Simply use oxiclean to get rid of all stains without having your clothes fade.

Particularly, Oxiclean can be used to remove stains brought on by organic materials, mold, food, blood, wine, and coffee stains. Oxiclean doesn’t have any chemicals that contain chlorine, unlike many other washing powders. As a result, it is both environmentally friendly and safe for skin.

What are the effects of Oxiclean?

Oxiclean is a special formula that is activated by water, releasing the oxygen energy that creates foam for secure and efficient cleaning. In addition, Oxiclean can raise the pH of washing water to enhance its capacity to remove stains thoroughly.

Its unique components are made to assist in washing away filth. Oxiclean is also a component of other cleaning products such water softeners, toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, and floor cleaners. Because of this, Oxiclean is regarded as a multipurpose wonder cleaner.

Instructions for using Oxiclean properly 

Although Oxiclean detergent works great in dealing with stubborn stains and stains. But to be able to significantly clean these stains, you need to use Oxiclean properly according to each type of stain, specifically how to use it as follows:

Use oxiclean to clean clothes

  • Let Oxiclean dissolve with water, then soak dirty clothes for 1-6 hours.
  • Add a little Oxiclean detergent into the detergent slot, then put the soaked clothes in and press the wash button.

Use oxiclean to clean clothes

Note: the soaking time is fast or slow depending on the stain, so it is not necessary to soak the clothes for too long. For normal stains, it only takes 30-1 hour. In addition, for woolen, woolen blends, silk, leather, or other fabrics labeled dry clean, do not use Oxiclean bleach, as it may damage the fabric.

How to clean tennis shoes with Oxiclean

Let’s learn how to clean tennis shoes with Oxiclean in 6 following steps to ensure your tennis shoes look like new.

Step 1: Remove the shoes’ laces.

Remove the shoes' laces.


Your tennis shoes will stand out if you pay attention to every detail, and if you wear all-white tennis shoes, even the smallest scratches will stick out. So, it will be simpler to reach difficult to reach areas, such as under the eyelets and under the shoe tongue, if the laces are taken off.

Step 2: Clean up any dirt that has dried out.

Brush the entire shoe with a gentle brush before wetting it because there are probably many particles and dirt attached in the cracks.


When you reach to the stage of cleaning the shoe with soap and water and don’t apply this step, all that dirt will settle and make your job harder.

Step 3: Make a resolution.

Put some lukewarm water in a container, add a few drops of soap you have, and then mix with the Oxiclean powder. The easiest and most doable cleaning solution you can make at home is to take an old toothbrush, dunk it in the mixture, and start rubbing your shoe.

Step 4: Use a microfiber towel to wipe off your shoes.

Use a microfiber towel to wipe off your shoes

You can use it to dry your shoes, but it’s also a good idea to use it when make sure you’ve cleaned your shoes thoroughly. You may get rid of everything by applying some pressure with your finger over the microfiber towel.

Step 5: Wash by hand

How to clean tennis shoes with Oxiclean


Avoid the temptation to throw your canvas tennis shoes in the washing machine, instead of cleaning them by hand. The canvas will start to degrade if you don’t use a soft-bristled brush with natural hair, so wash your tennis shoes by hand.

Step 6: Finally, allow them to air dry.

allow them to air dry

Putting your shoes in the washer or dryer is the most important and unforgivable error you ever make. As both will give your shoes an appearance of being completely worn out, arched, and wrinkled, which you cannot remedy. Just leave them overnight away from any direct sources of heat or light and let them dry naturally.

Use Oxiclean to clean stains on chairs, mattresses, pillows

Often sofas, mattresses, pillows will be splashed with stains such as coffee, wine, tea or some juices, etc., if it is to be washed, it will be quite troublesome, so Oxiclean can be used to clean the stains. this dirt thoroughly and quickly.

  • You just need to dissolve a little Oxiclean with warm water to form a washing liquid mixture.
  • Use a towel to soak in the mixed water and rub it on the places with stains from 1-5 minutes, you will see the stains will fade and clean gradually.
  • Then, use a clean towel to dry the area that has just been bleached, or you can use a dryer to dry it.

Use Oxiclean to clean the floor

  • Dissolve Oxiclean with warm water to form a thick mop mixture.
  • Use a dishcloth to apply powder to the floor and rub vigorously into the stain, depending on some stains, the level of scrubbing is long or fast. Normally, if using normal floor cleaner, it will be difficult to remove these types of stains.
  • In addition, if it is not clean, you can use a laundry brush to scrub hard on the stain, surely Oxiclean detergent will blow it away, helping the floor to be clean.
  • Then, wipe the floor again with clean water.

Some notes when using Oxiclean

  • Oxiclean and chlorine bleach are two completely different types. Chlorine also has the effect of disinfecting and removing all stains, but it is a strong chemical solution and is not safe for the skin, especially children.
  • Oxiclean bleach can be used with any common laundry detergent, but chlorine cannot because it is not safe.
  • Oxiclean is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on many different materials, from plastic to wood, so it is widely used in life.


The information that the article shares will help you better understand what Oxiclean is, how to use it and how to clean tennis shoes with Oxiclean. Oxiclean is really a useful detergent, helping to remove all stains and safe for users. So, you can absolutely use it if needed.

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