3 useful tips on how to clean Vans tennis shoes at home

How to clean Vans tennis shoes

Cleaning tennis shoes is also considered a necessity when used regularly. You can learn how to clean vans tennis shoes at home or let Tennisqa help you.


Vans, which was founded in 1966, is still well-known in the “shoe village.” Vans sneakers are tough and ideal for outdoor and sporting activity like tennis. Therefore, it can be challenging to avoid wearing scuff-prone footwear. Since then, many individuals have come to believe that cleaning Vans tennis shoes is a necessity when wearing shoes. But not everyone is aware of appropriate shoe care. As a result, this article will show you how to clean Vans tennis shoes while maintaining shoe quality.

1. How to clean Vans tennis shoes in white

White Vans tennis shoes give the wearer comfort, dynamism and youth. Due to its suitability for both men and women, this shoe is popular. White is a lovely color, but it is particularly prone to stains. Once it is soiled, it is challenging to completely clean it. In order to prevent long-term fading of shoes that look unpleasant, you must clean them as soon as they become soiled.

How to clean Vans tennis shoes in white by hand?

How to clean Vans tennis shoes in white by hand

Step 1: Mix soap with warm water in a ratio of 1: 1 to form a laundry mixture. Use soap or shampoo, shower gel instead of washing powder because it is mild detergent, does not damage the fabric and leather of shoes.

Step 2: Prepare a bowl of clean water, dip a soft cotton towel into the water to wipe the surface of the shoes.

Step 3: Use a towel or soft bristle brush to dip into the mixture and rub on the shoes to remove stains.

Step 4: Clean the soles of shoes with a stiff brush and mixed soap solution.

Step 5: Use a cotton towel soaked in water to wipe and remove the foam on the shoes.

Step 6 : Use tissue or paper towels to wrap around the shoes and dry in a cool place. This method avoids the situation that the shoes are yellow after drying.

How to clean Vans tennis shoes with a washing machine?

Using the washing machine, you may quickly, effortlessly, and conveniently clean your shoes.

How to clean Vans tennis shoes with a washing machine

  • The shoelaces and insoles must be removed so that you may wash them individually. Place the remaining items in a laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine. The washing machine needs to be set to a gentle wash with warm water. Dry the shoes in the same manner as when washing by hand after washing.
  • To prevent damage and grime from the shoes that are challenging to clean, the soles and shoelaces should be hand washed and dried separately. Additionally, these two components dry more quickly and easily than shoes.

2. How to clean Vans tennis shoes in color

Youthfulness, vitality, and enthusiasm are imparted to the wearer by colorful Vans footwear. A facet of the user’s personality appears to be revealed. The shoes will readily fade, harm the leather, and become unattractive if they are soiled yet inadequately cleaned.

In order to properly clean colored Vans shoes, you need separate the colored fabric from the leather on the shoe surface and use a low-detergent cleaning solution to cover the colored fabric.

How to clean Vans tennis shoes in color

Shoe sole cleaning

  • Use chemicals like acetone, bleach with low detergent, alcohol/hydrogen peroxide at 60 degrees or less, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. to thoroughly clean the rubber soles of shoes.
  • Shoe soles should be scrubbed clean with a stiff brush dipped in the solution, then dried with a damp paper towel or an absorbent cotton cloth.

Clean the fabric on the shoe

  • Dish soap should be diluted 1:1 with warm water.
  • Use a soft brush dipped in the mixture and clean the surface of the shoe fabric.
  • Use water to wash off.
  • To dry the shoes, place them in a cool area and absorb any water with a cotton towel.

3. Vans shoe care tips

Vans shoe care tips

  • Make sure to purchase a mesh laundry bag if you plan to wash your Vans in a washing machine. Additionally, while the shoes are being washed, periodically check on their condition.
  • You shouldn’t frequently clean your shoes in the washer or dryer. This procedure has the potential to weaken the fabric and ruin the contour of the shoe.
  • To get rid of the musty smell in your shoes, use some desiccant bags. A specialist deodorant spray is another option for keeping your shoes odor-free.
  • When not in use, keep in a cool place to store.
  • Avoid excessive water exposure. This may impair the lifespan of the shoe and cause mold and glue release.

You can use a hair dryer to dry your Vans sneakers if they become damp for any reason. Just keep in mind to keep your shoes away from the dryer’s heat source. In that situation, a temperature that is too high for the fabric could harm it and pose a fire risk.


This is one of the best advices for knowing how to clean Vans tennis shoes and preserving the freshness and life of your Vans shoes. You can use these “secrets” to care for and clean other sports shoes that are comparable to these ones.

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