Top 10 Best Tennis Socks For Smooth Feet

Top 10 Best Tennis Socks For Smooth Feet

Shoes are often noticed and carefully chosen when playing sports, but it seems that socks are not given the same attention. The socks you wear on the tennis court also play a very important role in your performance. Choose the right socks to help you feel comfortable and avoid blisters. Choosing the wrong socks makes it harder for you to keep your feet dry. So we have this article to bring you the best tennis socks on the market for players of any skill level.

Top 10 best tennis socks nowadays

Thorlos TX Max Cushion Crew- $12.78~$95.94

Out of the many choices on the market, Thorlos truly stands out from the crowd with the highest quality and most comfortable sports socks. These socks are super thick and have exceptional coverage around your toes and both sides of your forefoot. The heel also features additional padding for impact resistance and extra protection at the back of your heel. This is a great choice if your feet often hurt when playing tennis.

Thorlos TX Max Cushion Crew

New Balance Performance Crew Socks- $11.49

One of the best tennis socks is New Balance Performance Crew. This is a quality tennis sock that offers moderate cushioning and solid all-around performance at an affordable cost. They’re roomy throughout with extra cushioning in the heel to prevent premature wear with polyester and spandex materials for great comfort. Not only that, but it also has the ability to control high humidity.

New Balance Performance Crew Socks

Prince Men’s Quarter Performance Socks- $19.99

Prince is a famous tennis brand and their socks are great for players of all skill levels. Their socks are made of 96% polyester, the remaining 4% consisting of rubber and spandex. It fits all men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12. Their padded sole provides a comfortable fit. The toe seam is very smooth, helping you avoid the blisters that are common after intense tennis matches. These socks are carefully designed to wrap around the foot for a snug fit that won’t slip while playing. Their downsides are a bit less durability and cushioning, thinner material, and also slightly larger than other socks.

Prince Men’s Quarter Performance Socks

Adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks- $14.40

Adidas is a great manufacturer of sports equipment including tennis bags, shoes and socks. Their socks are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. With the ClimaLite construction, they are moisture-wicking and keep your feet dry. These socks are also relatively thin and are quite cheap. They have 4 different color options for you to choose from.

Prince Men’s Quarter Performance Socks

Under Armour Women’s Essential No Show Socks- $13.20~$32.98

Indispensable in the list of best tennis socks is Under Armor Women’s socks. Under Armor has quickly emerged as one of the world’s leading sportswear brands. They make some of the best sunglasses for tennis as well as socks. These socks have a flat knit texture with 97% polyester and 3% spandex. The sock can be adjusted to fit each player’s foot for outstanding comfort. Not only that, the sock material effectively absorbs sweat on hot days, and the unique anti-odor technology. The small downside of socks is that they are a bit thin, so they are likely to wear out and have to be replaced soon.

Under Armour Women’s Essential No Show Socks

Nike Dry Cushion Crew Tennis Shocks- $39.49

The inexpensive Nike Dry Cushion Crew Tennis Shocks come with Nike’s Dri-Fit technology to wick away sweat and have arch compression. The best thing about these tennis socks is their fit. Each sock snugly hugs your foot resulting in fewer blisters and less discomfort during intense matches. Nike has also stepped up in some areas that tend to get a lot of wear.

Nike Dry Cushion Crew Tennis Shocks

HUSO Men’s tennis shocks- $7.99

Another option on the list of best tennis socks. These socks are a great fit as each one is tailor-made for either your left or right foot. Thanks to its compression design, it can prevent blisters by preventing your foot from rubbing against the inside of the sock. HUSO has many color options available such as white, green, pink, or neon orange and you can combine different styles according to your taste. These athletic socks are also quite durable at a very reasonable price.

HUSO Men's tennis shocks

Lacoste Men’s Crew Socks- $11.38

Lacoste has been a trusted name in tennis for decades and of which Lacoste Men’s Crew Socks is a prime example of them. They offer the best comfort for tennis players with a focus on foot health above all else. It has a premium footbed that helps players feel much more comfortable when moving on the court. Not everyone likes this design, as it has both the logo and the word Lacoste on it. Some feel like it’s superfluous and just want a more subtle logo. This might be problematic for some folks.

Lacoste Men's Crew Socks

Asics Men’s Traning Socks- $14.65~$20

Asics socks are the most comfortable and versatile on the market. This is another standard sock option that isn’t built specifically for any kind of sport. Instead, it provides a solid amount of cushioning so people can play at any time of day they want. Perhaps its most striking feature is its excellent arch support. Out of all the similar sock options from other companies, they do the best job with arches.

Asics Men's Traning Socks

Fila Crew Performance Socks- $39.99

This is the final sock on our list of best tennis socks for today, the Fila Crew Performance Socks. Fila keeps their socks simple with great ventilation and comfort. The socks are lightweight and have vents in the heel area as well as in the upper part of the foot. Therefore, the wearer always feels cool and does not get stuck when playing on the field. The price of the socks is great, as Fila offers some of the cheapest performance socks available from a reputable company.

best tennis socks


Through this article, we have provided you with the 10 best tennis socks for you to choose from. Although underrated, a quality pair of tennis socks can help you improve comfort and protect your feet in the long run. Hopefully, this guide has helped provide some helpful insight into the benefits and considerations of wearing a pair of specialty socks, while helping you identify some of the brands worth checking out when shopping for your next pair. Still not sure which tennis socks are right for you? If you leave a comment below, we’ll respond to you right away.

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