The 5 best tennis racket for beginners recommended USTA rating level

The 5 best tennis racket for beginners

The top best tennis racket for beginners available today are listed below, along with instructions on how to pick the ideal racquet for you. We’ll help you discover the ideal racquet whether you want to learn the game or are just interested in giving it a try.

The suggestions made below are based on more than ten years of playing and coaching tennis, as well as testing various racquets from the top tennis manufacturers. Here is our list of the 7 best tennis racket for beginners we get into more depth about each racquet.

The Best Tennis Racket for Beginners

The seven best tennis racket for beginners that are currently on the market are listed below. You’ll find thorough explanations, the relative cost (on a scale of 1-3), and the racquets’ suggested USTA rating level. Additionally, we provided lists of benefits and drawbacks along with a picture of the racquet.

1. Head Boom Team

The Head Boom is a more recent racquet from Head, and the Team model is excellent for active adults looking for a beginner’s racquet. With this excellent “tweener” racquet, you can easily advance to the level of an intermediate player.

This racquet’s 102-inch head size makes it ideal for players at all skill points. Its 10.2-ounce frame is lightweight and manageable. As you develop, learning topspin with the 1619 string pattern might be beneficial since it has good power. With a beam that is somewhat narrow for a beginner’s racquet, the frame is designed for controlled power.

This is a superb racquet for players who are physically fit and reasonably athletic with decent hand-eye coordination. This is unquestionably among the best beginner or low-level intermediate racquets available today to aid players in positioning and maintaining control of their shots.

Head Boom Team


  • Best control racquet for beginners
  • Excellent racquet for intermediate to advanced players.
  • Enables rapid improvement
  • Outstanding comfort and feel
  • Increasing power & spin as you progress


  • Less head size a head than many beginner racquets

2. Prince Ripstick 100

A superb tennis racquet for practically any ability level is the Prince Ripstick. Beginners will appreciate its effortless mobility and power, and intermediate players will benefit from its stability and open string pattern, which allow for faster swings.

The weight of the two variants of the Ripstick varies (11.2 oz. vs 10.4 oz.). The heavier version can be used to start for the beginners and physically fittest players, which will help you advance more quickly. The 10.4 oz. Ripstick is ideal for younger kids or women who want something easier to grasp. With its 16–18 string configuration, this racquet is excellent for developing topspin, a skill necessary to improve your game. The 100 square inch frame has good power and stability and is comfortable. The distinctive O-ports reduce wind resistance, enabling you to swing more quickly.

For serious novices who want the best chance to advance their tennis game, we suggest this racquet.

Price: $199.00

Prince Ripstick 100


  • Fantastic for players at all skill levels
  • Enables a player to quickly develop
  • Excellent power and comfort
  • Superior control over the majority of novice racquets
  • Fantastic for topspin instruction


  • A frame that is smaller than several beginner racquets
  • Costlier than other items on this list

3. Head TI S6

This is the best tennis racket for beginners and teenagers under $100.

Due to its lightweight (8.9 oz. strung) titanium construction, you can easily manage it from the baseline and prevent tennis elbow. This racquet’s large frame and weight distribution towards the head allow you to produce power on your shots. It includes a sizable sweet spot in the event that you mishit the ball thanks to the enormous frame size of 115 square inches.

This tennis racquet is among the best for spin because of the 16–19 string configuration. As your game develops, you’ll be able to produce topspin on your shots. This racquet’s primary strings spread out more widely the farther they are from the handle. We discovered that this provides the racquet with exceptional feel when combined with the frame technology.

If you want to play tennis more frequently for fun, this racquet is also the greatest value. However, because it is heavy and challenging to control near the net during a fast-paced game, we do not advise this racquet for expert players.

Price: $99.00

Head TI S6 is the best tennis racket for beginners




  • Powerful baseline performance
  • Lightweight to avoid injury and tennis elbow
  • Exceptional feel and a sizable sweet spot
  • Reasonably affordable


  • Bulky and challenging to control at the net
  • Not suitable for advanced intermediate players.

4. Wilson Clash 108

The Wilson Clash tennis racquets are great for intermediate and advanced players. With the Clash 108, you can advance quickly!

The 108 square inch head of this racquet produces a large sweet spot that is ideal for novices. It is a versatile racquet that offers excellent control and comfort. Your serve and groundstrokes will have more power thanks to the additional.25 inches in length. The Clash 108 offers a lot of spin for beginners who want to learn how to hit with topspin.

One of the most accommodating and comfortable tennis racquets available is this one. It costs more than the majority of entry-level racquets. However, if you do want to play tennis frequently and want to advance quickly, the investment is worthwhile.

Price: $199.95- $379.95

Wilson Clash 108



  • Excellent control racquet for beginners.
  • Enables rapid improvement
  • For doubles, good mobility
  • Larger head size and increased length give more power
  • The most adaptable and cozy racquet for beginners (easy on the arm)


  • More pricey than the majority of starter racquets

5. Wilson Tour Slam

We suggest the Wilson racquet below if you’re on a really tight budget or only need a cheap tennis racquet for one occasion. It offers the best tennis racket for beginners available for less than $50. Wilson is a well-known, reliable tennis equipment manufacturer.

The 110 square inch head size of this racquet provides you with a sizable sweet spot and excellent feel for the price. At 11.5 oz, it is a little heavy for a beginner’s racquet.

Due to the cost, this is also a wonderful method to test your interest in tennis without having to invest a lot of money. This racquet is not suggested, nevertheless, if you wish to become an intermediate player and play tennis as a more serious sport.

Price: $30.00

Wilson Tour Slam



  • Reasonably priced
  • Big sweet spot is produced by a large head size.
  • High power
  • Wilson is a reputable company


  • Not the best racquet for enhancing your game.

Final thought

Choosing the right racquet for you might be difficult with so many varieties available. You need a racquet with power since most tennis players make shorter, more compact swings while they are first learning the game. As you play more, your groundstrokes will become more consistent, but wider sweet spots more forgiving racquets will increase your enjoyment of the game.

The Head TI S6 is the best tennis racket for beginners, ideal combination of feel and spin, control and power, for a beginner learning the game of tennis.

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