What is A Drop Shot in Tennis & Useful Tips for Drop Shot Technique

What is A Drop Shot in Tennis & Useful Tips for Drop Shot Technique

In the game of tennis, there are many techniques that a professional player should have. One of them is the drop shot technique. So what is a drop shot in tennis? What are its technique and some basic principles of the downstroke in tennis? Join us to answer all these questions in today’s article.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

The drop is a stroke commonly found in singles tennis and occasionally in doubles. A dropped shot is when you hit the ball gently over the net so it lands briefly on the court. A good drop will barely hit the net. The opponent will not be able to run toward the net to reach the ball before it is hit a second time. The drop can be a deadly shot if shot correctly and at the right time.

A drop shot is one of many tactics tennis players use to catch their opponents off guard in order to score in a match. When done perfectly, it can help gain a point in a match. Now you understand what is a drop shot in tennis, right? Next, we’ll go over the technical tips on this shot.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

Tips for Drop Shot technique

  • Use the Continental Grip: When making a drop, it’s important to use the continental grip, the same way you would with a cut or volley. This allows you to hit the ball in front and have maximum control over position and spin.
  • Swing path: The drop usually has a short return hit. Big backstrokes usually allow more power, while short backstrokes create better timing and feel, helping you hit the ball lightly. You should also open the racquet a bit more. On contact, you should go under and slightly across the ball so that it turns slightly back and to the side. After the ball lands, this will help it spin away from your opponent.

When to hit a Drop Shot?

Drops are an extremely useful tactic used effectively on the tennis court. The timing of the shot must be perfect to score. If you use the drop shot when you are in a bad position, it can lead to an error or an easy short ball for your opponent.

  • When your opponent is out of position: At any level, a drop shot is a viable strategy if your opponent gets tired or loses position. For example, at the end of the third round when your opponent is tired, or when you pull your opponent off the court with a corner shot, having a drop shot is very effective. This shift in direction will throw the opponent off guard.
  • Hit with Power: Diversity is an important tactic for tennis players. If you hurt your opponent with force and push them behind the baseline, the drop shot is extremely effective.
  • Reach for the net: Use the drop as an approach shot to get in position on the court and get ready for the next ball. This way you are also on the net and narrow down your opponent’s shot selection by taking away their angles.

When not to hit a Drop Shot?

  • When you lose position: It is best to use this shot when your opponent has lost position, is tired or moved backward. So you must not use it when you are out of location. If you want to make great drops, you need to balance your feet.
  • Infrequent use: If you use this shot too often, your opponent will easily anticipate and quickly attack the short ball.

How to Fight a Drop Shot?

Being able to recognize and defend against a drop is very important for players. Here are some tips for effectively countering a drop.

Distinguishing Drop

You can clearly tell the difference between normal shots and dropped shots. If the opponent’s chance of getting it back is high, it’s a drop shot. However, when your opponent is about to hit with a low swing and hit the ball in a straight line, it’s definitely not a missed shot.

Cross-court play

The cross-court strategy means that if you can reach the ball, bring it to the end of the field to prevent your opponent from getting it and returning it.

How to Fight a Drop Shot?

Reverse Drop

After making a drop, most players will choose to back to the baseline because they won’t expect you to be able to find the balance to make another drop. However, if you can forefoot and do the tips mentioned in the previous section, you can come back with a drop shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slice vs Drop Shot: What is the difference?

A drop shot is a ball that is lightly hit so as not to go too far from the net and to land near the net. A slice, on the other hand, necessitates more power.
The idea behind a slice is to create a backspin as the ball bounces, which will confuse your opponent as to where the ball is.

What is a Forehand in tennis?

What is a Forehand in tennis?

The forehand is one of the most basic and frequently used strokes in tennis. Specifically, the inside palm of the forehand will hold the racquet forward and swing the racquet across the body in the direction the player wants to place the ball.  They can use one of four forehand grip styles: Western, semi-Western, Eastern and Continental. After hitting the ball with the forehand, the player must monitor and make sure the ball lands in the desired position.

To sum up, Today’s article has explained what is a drop shot in tennis and useful tips for you. The drop shot can be a useful shot if hit well and used at the right time. Be sure to practice it with your next opponent to win that all-important point. Since some of the greatest historic moments or victories come from a single drop, they will still play an important role in tennis for many years to come.
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