What are the rules of table tennis? 3 popular laws and types of shots of this sport

What are the rules of table tennis?

Table tennis, one of the most thrilling sporting spectacles, is a game of intense speed and jaw-dropping perfection. So what are the rules of table tennis?

The game was first known as ping pong before being renamed to table tennis in 1922. It was originally a pastime for the affluent in Victorian-era England. Europeans, particularly Hungarians, played and dominated the sport in its early years.

However, after making its way to the continent in the 1950s, table tennis gained enormous popularity in Asia, where it has since served as a breeding ground for some of the top players in the world.

Table tennis debuted at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, just eight years after China hosted its first World Cup, and has since become a regular event at the Games.

Here Tennisqa discover what are the rules of table tennis, regulations, equipment, and playing style of table tennis.

Table tennis tools

Table tennis tools

The table tennis table

According to the game’s official rules, table tennis is played on a rectangular table constructed of fiberwood that measures 2.74 x 1.53 meters and is divided into two halves.

The table has a matte look thanks to a coating of dark, glossy paint. The playing surface is indicated by a line that is two centimeters thick and goes along the table’s edge.

A net that divides the table into two parts is suspended from the table using two poles. The height of the table tennis net is 15.25 centimeters.

Racquet for table tennis

The bat, also known as a “racquet” or “paddle,” is often made of wood and measures around 17 cm long by 15 cm wide. It has rubber surfaces in the colors black and red on either side that aid players in adding and subtracting spin to the ball.

Ping pong ball

According to rules and regulations, the ball is normally orange or white, weighs around 2.7 grams, and has a 40 millimeter diameter.

What are the rules of table tennis?

Serves and service regulations in table tennis

What are the rules of table tennis?

The umpire tosses a coin to start a game of table tennis. The winner can decide whether to serve or receive the ball first or which side of the table they want to play from.

The ball must be held in the server’s open palm and tossed or struck so that it first bounces off the server’s side of the table and then crosses the net to the other side.

However, the receiver has the option of returning it by launching it over the tennis net and onto the other team’s side of the table. A foul is committed if the player tries to recover the ball before it bounces.

While the service rule in singles competition permits the server to serve to any location on the opposite end of the table, in doubles the service must move diagonally across the table. At this table, the serving player plays from the right side.

How to score points in table tennis

In order to score points in table tennis, a player must hit the ball so that their opponent cannot make contact with it. This can be accomplished through force of will, deceit, or other sneaky tactics.

The opponent scores a point, though, if the ball strikes the net but does not bounce over into the other team’s half or if it goes over the net and out of bounds without making contact with the table.

How to score points in table tennis

The rule becomes slightly more complicated in doubles. While attempting to push the ball onto the other player’s side of the table, the server and partner must switch positions. The service also alternates in this case.

If you hit the ball outside of the playing area or if it makes contact with any part of your body while you’re trying to make a shot, the opponent may also receive a point.

How to win in table tennis

A player can win a game of table tennis by accruing 11 points, with one point being given for each infraction, in accordance with the game’s rules. Each participant is permitted to serve twice straight. The winner is the first person to score 11 points.

If the score is 10-10, a player must then try to gain a two-point advantage to win the match.

By winning games, a match can be won. Different events and divisions have different match lengths.

Doubles matches follow the best of five format, whereas singles matches are typically best of seven affairs.

Shots in table tennis

Players can increase their range and variety of shots by altering their tempo and angle. This considerably enhances their performance.

Here are a few of the most popular shots.

Shots in table tennis


It’s one among the first shots a table tennis player learns when learning the sport. The player returns the ball with the paddle side that is facing the table while standing square to the table and holding the paddle with an open face.


One of the most used attacking shots in the game is this one. Here, the player advances the ball by gliding the paddle’s bottom side over it while holding it at a 45-degree angle. After bouncing, the ball rotates, making it somewhat challenging for the adversary to perform a fast return.


Many players use it as a defensive shot when attempting to deal with spin. Here, the player uses the top side of the paddle to push it downward at a 45-degree angle while making contact with the bottom half of the ball while remaining away from the table.

Depending on the player’s position when receiving the ball, a chop can be performed with either the forehand or the backhand.


The most important ping pong regulations have been outlined “what are the rules of table tennis ” article. These official table tennis regulations ought to make it easier for you to stay on track whether you like to name the game ping pong, or table tennis.

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