Top 8 Most Convenient & Functional Tennis Ball Hopper

Top 8 Most Convenient & Functional Tennis Ball Hopper

The tennis ball hopper or basket is a practical piece of tennis equipment for conveniently storing, retrieving and carrying the tennis ball to the court. A quality tennis ball hopper is essential if you want to save time and effort on the court. While buying a ball hopper is relatively straightforward, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different options available to avoid making the wrong choice and to ensure you get the best deal the first time. In this article, we have compiled the most convenient and functional tennis ball hopper that will make your practice sessions much more worthwhile. Along with that are some helpful buying guides for you.

What is a Tennis Ball Hopper?

A tennis ball hopper is a device used to collect tennis balls on the court. The funnel makes it easy to collect and reuse these balls. Tennis ball hoppers typically consist of a wire or metal basket that is used as baseball storage. The top is removable for players to easily grab the ball but also latches to prevent spills. The funnel also usually includes several handles, usually at least half the length of an average-sized person. Tennis balls of the typical size will fit in the majority of ball hoppers.

The benefits of Tennis Ball Hopper

When you are practicing tennis, it is helpful to have a tennis ball hopper to collect and store the ball. Ball hoppers come in different sizes and normally it allows for 100 balls to be held at a time. The tennis ball hopper helps you focus on playing during the match without distraction.

The main advantage of hoppers is the ability to collect balls without having to bend over to pick them up. Those who use them simply hold them by the handle. The gaps at the bottom of the funnel are spaced just enough so that the tennis ball can slide over the bottom and into the basket with little pressure, but won’t slide out. Once collected, the hopper can be used to store tennis balls or as a training aid.

Top 8 Best Tennis Ball Hopper

Tourna Ballport 80 Tennis Ball Hopper- $39.70

Tourna’s Ballport has everything you need in a large ball hopper that holds up to 80 balls. The hopper is very light in weight, only about 4Ibs. It would also work well for tennis players or coaches on the go, as it features sliders at the top to keep tennis balls firmly in place. The locking handles keep the hopper from collapsing and the balls flying all over the place. The tennis ball hopper is made of durable and lightweight polypropylene. It’s also less likely to rust or break because it doesn’t have any conductors. Besides, it also has rollers at the bottom to shovel the balls easily.


  • Large capacity
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction for added durability
  • Easy to assemble


  • Standing height is a bit short
  • The locking mechanism is sometimes loose

Tourna Ballport 80 Tennis Ball Hopper

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper- $29.99

Wilson is a trusted tennis brand that produces some of the best tennis rackets, tennis bags, and more. Their ball hopper is another great product. The hopper features a classic cage basket design with plated steel construction for perfect durability in all weather conditions. The hopper has a capacity of about 75 or 90 balls. The basket is a bit heavier than the Tourna version above, at 4.5 Ibs but can still be carried easily by both children and adults. It allows players to convert the handle to a locking foot, which is convenient for moving to collect balls scattered around the field. The hopper also has a lid to keep the ball from spilling out.
  • The lid is sure to not overflow
  • Switchable handles
  • Lightweight
  • The handle is a bit loose
  • Made of high-strength carbon steel
  • Convenient handle for portability
  • Smart lid
  • Legs can be difficult to lock into place

Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper

OnCourt OffCourt Tennis Ball Mower- $265.95

The OnCourt OffCourt Tennis Ball Mower is a great product for tennis clubs or centers. It holds 300 balls and measures 19×22.5×6.5 inches. The trolley is also equipped with a grooved roller to facilitate easy ball retrieval and two rear wheels for tilting over obstacles. Its mechanism of action is: the ball falls into the lower basket and you can pick it up and pour it into the top basket.


  • Great for tennis clubs and establishments
  • Easy to use for kids and adults
  • Designed with two baskets


  • Wheels are weak
  • Not very portable
  • Requires indoor or sheltered storage

OnCourt OffCourt Tennis Ball Mower

Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper Basket- $209.99

Here’s another tennis ball hopper that’s ergonomically designed to safely hold up to 72 balls. Besides, the funnel can also be converted into a sitting basket by folding the legs. It also features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction that makes it extremely durable in most weather conditions and prevents it from rusting. Additionally, the lid of the hopper is lockable providing an additional layer of security to keep the ball from bouncing around the court.


  • Heavy-duty steel and powder-coated steel for weather resistance
  • The lid has a lock to keep the ball

Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper Basket

Bkisy Tennis Ball Cart- $130.94

The Bkisy tennis ball trolley has a capacity of 160 balls. The height is adjustable, and the balls can be kept securely in the bag with the zipper and black straps. The car is built with a sturdy stainless steel frame and waterproof paint. It has four lockable swivel castors for easy maneuverability and stability. The device assembly is quite easy and only takes a few minutes of your time.


  • Light-weight
  • Waterproof
  • Pretty durable


  • Could be thinner

Bkisy Tennis Ball Cart

Crown Sporting Goods EZ Roller 2-in-1 Tennis Ball Collector and Ball Hopper- $99.99

This is a ball collector and ball hopper model that comes with 25 balls. You can roll it on any surface and it can pick up five balls at a time and store more than 50 balls. After collecting the balls, the stand can be turned over and placed on an adjustable tripod to turn it into a funnel.


  • Light-weight


  • Hard to find replacement screws

Crown Sporting Goods EZ Roller 2-in-1 Tennis Ball Collector and Ball Hopper

Kollectaball K-Hopper- $109.00

If you’re looking for a faster way to pick up tennis balls, the Kollectaball Hooper might suit your pace better. It’s a completely different concept from your typical ball hopper, but everything works for the task. Instead of pressing, you wind a cage of 60 soft ropes over the balls, which opens to let the balls in, not out. In most cases, this type of funnel is almost double the price of most standard funnels.


  • High speed
  • The handle’s height can be changed.


  • High price

tennis ball hopper

Buying guides for tennis ball hopper

Surprisingly, there are many features that you can consider when buying a funnel or basket. Some of the most crucial considerations are listed below.


Most ball hoppers will hold 40-140 tennis balls, and the more you carry, the larger they will be. For most players, a ball funnel in the 50-75 ball range is more than enough. Buy a ball hopper that can hold all the balls you need to use. It should also be a convenient size for you to place and retrieve the ball easily.


Weight is also something to keep in mind when you make a purchase. While the weight of an empty basket may not seem like much, as you start adding tennis balls, it can add up.


When you’re picking up the ball, you want the height of the hopper to be high enough that you don’t bend or bend over to pick it up. If you are a tall tennis player, you may also want to find a tennis ball hopper that offers proper height or height adjustment features.


Choose a material that is durable and long-lasting. It ought to be weatherproof and appropriate for various climatic situations. A sturdy aluminum or metal alloy frame with polyester fabric is a good choice.


Most tennis ball hoppers can be used for baseball, handball, or lacrosse… Your ball hopper should be easy to use, store, and maintain. It must be portable and lightweight.

In conclusion, Tennis ball hopper are a must-have on the court because they save you a lot of back-and-forth by storing a large number of balls in one place, making them easier to get to. The options listed above are not only lightweight and compact but also come in a variety of capacities and designs. So browse through all the products and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Hopefully, this guide has provided some helpful information on what to watch out for as well as some options worth considering for buying.

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