Top 6 Most Suitable Beach Tennis Rackets & Buying Guides

Are you a tennis enthusiast? You are so used to the traditional tennis courts and want to change the playground outside the beach. Well, the beach is an ideal spot to hang out as it’s cool and comfortable. You can play for as long as you like without any hindrance. However, you need the right beach tennis rackets to play. Today let’s analyze the features needed to choose as well as the top 6 types of beach tennis rackets on the market today with

Buying guides for suitable beach tennis rackets

Before we dive into the best beach tennis rackets on the market, it’s important that you understand what’s the basis for which you choose them. After all, if you’re a beginner, or someone new to the sport, it’s really not that easy to know what’s best for you. We’ll give you a short guide to the necessary factors to remind before you want to buy beach tennis rackets.


The length of the racket is one of the most important factors you need to consider when buying beach tennis rackets. ITF beach tennis rules require a maximum racket length of 55cm. Most players prefer to use a longer racquet simply because they allow for greater reach and easier ball pickup. However, the larger the length, the more difficult it is to control the shots.


Weight is also identified as an important factor. A standard weight racquet delivers power to your shots and stability on those shots. The case of the racquet is too heavy, leading to problems with control and reduced accuracy in shots.


The standard racket width allowed by the ITF is 30cm. If you want to extend the racket, it means you have more reach but less control. Both length and length are similar. In addition, racket balance is also very important. It is the distribution of weight between the head of the racquet and the rest of the racket. A heavier racquet head will bring better speed but also easily lead to loss of control.

Other Factors

Some of the materials used to make the outer part of beach tennis rackets include kevlar, carbon, and fiberglass while the inner material is usually made of hard foam. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the flexibility of the racket. This is an important factor, especially for professional players. The flexibility of the racket allows for more power to be put on the shots but at the same time reduces the player’s control. That’s why more advanced players use beach tennis rackets with less flexibility but better control.

Recommend beach tennis rackets for you

KAILUA Frescobol Wood Beach Racket Set

This beach tennis racket is made from solid wood and is very sustainable and eco-friendly. It is assembled from a combination of various hardwoods. Poly layers are added to the handle for added durability as well as water resistance. The black handle adds to the racquet’s appeal. This is the cheapest beach tennis racket, but it is also quite heavy because it is made of wood.

KAILUA Frescobol Wood Beach Racket Set

GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket- $116.49

Also one of the main beach tennis rackets is the GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket. The biggest plus point of this racquet is its very lightweight, only 230g allowing players to hold it easily and comfortably. The racquet is made up of a Graphite Composite surface that improves performance in shots while providing good control thanks to its hole distribution. Another great feature of this racquet is that its grip is sweat resistant and has proven to be a great fit for the hand.

GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket

IANONI Carbon Fiber Face Beach Tennis Paddle- $139.99

This tennis racquet has an extended length of 49cm allowing players to achieve better range. It features a Graphite Synthetic Face that allows more traction on the ball for increased accuracy with a high-density professional EVA Core that adds an extra feel to shots. The textured surface of the racquet helps create the spin for easier shots. Racquets have an average weight of 310-330g.

IANONI Carbon Fiber Face Beach Tennis Paddle

Drop Shot Power PRO 2.0 BT- $219.95

This beach tennis racket is designed with an oval shape, ideal for mid to high balance and maximum control of your power. The racquet’s highlight is the combined ENERGY PRO technology consisting of a material that reacts unchangeably by temperature optimizing ball output with power. Its core is made up of soft rubber that gives you a soft feel with great precision and will always be ready thanks to its quick resilience. In addition, the frame contains 12,000 carbon monofilaments per strand for outstanding strength, flexibility, and excellent performance. Its TWIN tube system is constructed of dual tubular carbon fabric pre-impregnated with resin for maximum strength.

Drop Shot Power PRO 2.0 BT

GRANDCOW POP Tennis Paddle Racket Pro Carbon Fiber- $59.91

Unlike the other Grandcow beach racquet models mentioned above, this one is heavier and therefore provides more control for your swing. Besides, it also has a carbon fiber composite surface and better drilling ability, giving better control. This racquet also features an extended curve design that maximizes hitting area allowing for faster returns. Racket weight 350g.

GRANDCOW POP Tennis Paddle Racket Pro Carbon Fiber

Drop Shot Conqueror BT 7.0 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle- $121.08

This is the last racket on our list of beach tennis rackets for today. The length is the advantage of this racquet, providing a solid range for the user. Made entirely of Textreme Carbon 3000 Frame giving it ultimate strength and CURV 360 Armor Technology gives it the ultimate feel because of its excellent Control as well as a Power ratio. If you are a professional player, this might be the racket for you.

beach tennis rackets

To sum up, there are 6 beach tennis rackets that we would like to introduce to you. Which one to choose is up to you, but remember to consider the factors we outlined at the beginning of the article to enhance your playing performance. Hope this article has brought useful and necessary information to everyone.

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