Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments

Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments

Today, tennis has become more popular and known in many countries. The scale of tennis tournaments takes place all year round and attracts a lot of spectators. Join us to find out the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

1. Grand Slam – Australian Open

Grand Slam – Australian Open

The first  Grand Slam of the year was held in Australia, also known as the  Australian Open. The tournament takes place finmid-January every year and is held in the city of  Melbourne. Matches are determined by the format of  5 sets won 3 for men,  3 sets won 2 for women and there is no tie-break in the final set.

The feature of the Australian Open is that the players have to compete in the hot sun, sometimes up to  40 degrees Celsius. It is not a small challenge for the players when the tournament takes place within 2 weeks. In the men’s singles, the two players with the most championships are  Roy Emerson of Australia and  Novak Djokovic of Serbia. This is also the first tournament in the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

2. Grand Slam – Roland Garros

Grand Slam – Roland Garros

Roland Garros is a tournament named after a heroic French pilot. It is also known by the more familiar name  Dharma Extension. The tournament was held in Paris in late May and early June. The feature of the tournament is that players will play on clay courts, where they can use slips to save the ball that away surfaces cannot.

Rafael Nadal is the most Roland Garros champion. The Spaniard has set a record of 5 consecutive tournament championships and is nicknamed the King of Clay.

3. Grand Slam – Wimbledon

Grand Slam – Wimbledon

Immediately following the French Open was the  3rd Grand Slam of the year played on grass. It was the  Wimbledon award that took place in the city of London, England. Wimbledon is also the oldest tournament in the world when it was first held in 1877.

Finals in women’s singles and men’s singles will be held on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively. Monday of July. 3 players on the record of winning Wimbledon the most times:  William Renshaw, Pete Sampras, and Roger Federer. This is also the next tournament in the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

4. Grand Slam – US Open

Grand Slam – US Open

US Open or US Open is the last Grand Slam to take place in the year. The tournament is held in New York City, USA, taking place at the end of August every year. Hard courts are the hallmark of this tournament. Players with strong serves and nets will play very well on this surface. 3 tennis players are holding the record for winning the most times, which are  Jimmy Connors,  Pete Sampras, and  Roger Federer all 5 times crowned.

5. ATP Prize – World Tour Finals

ATP Prize – World Tour Finals

ATP World Tour is one of the leading sports tournament systems in the world. This tennis tournament will be a tournament for the best 8 players or the top 8 ranked players on the ATP scoring system. Unlike other tennis tournaments, this tournament will not be a knockout, but instead will be divided into  2 groups of competitions one-turn round-robin to select the top 2 players from each group to compete in the semi-finals.

After 2 semi-finals will be the final of the year.

6. Davis Cup Award

Davis Cup Award

The  Davis Cup was founded by  Dwight Davis, a Harvard University student in the USA in 1899. This is a tournament for men’s tennis players competing as a team. The countries will select a group of players to participate in the tournament knockout.

Until now, the US is the team that won the most times   32 times. Vietnam also participates in this tournament but does not often fail to pass the first rounds. This is also the next tournament in the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

7. Fed Cup Award

Fed Cup Award

Unlike the Davis Cup, the  Fed Cup is a tournament exclusively for women’s tennis players. Also competing in a team and knockout format, the tournament was born in 1963. America has won the tournament 17 times and holds the record for most championships.

8. ATP Prize – World Tour Masters 1000

ATP Prize – World Tour Masters 1000

ATP – World Tour Masters 1000  is a prestigious tournament held in  Europe, North America, and Asia. This tournament consists of 9 minor tournaments that take place before each  Grand Slam. Unlike the Grand Slam format, today’s ATP – World Tour Masters 1000 tournament only takes place in a maximum of  3 sets. Novak Djokovic is a record holder of 30 championships.

9. ATP – World Tour 500

ATP – World Tour 500

The system will organize  11  leagues and tournaments annually under the ATP – World Tour Masters 500. This is the tournament system established by the Professional Tennis Association. The champion of this tournament will be added  500 bonus points to the individual leaderboard. This is also the next tournament in the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

10. ATP Prize – World Tour 250

ATP Prize – World Tour 250

ATP World Tour 250 just started to be held in 2009, this is the lowest level tournament in ATP’s tennis tournament system. 40 such tournaments take place during the year. The famous places where the tournament takes place are Doha, Buenos Aires, Munich, and Los Angeles. The tournament winner will receive  250 bonus points to the leaderboard. This is also the final tournament in the Top 10 Major Tennis Tournaments.

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