Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machine On The Market Today

Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machine On The Market Today

Tennis ball machines are one of the most effective and fastest ways to improve your tennis match. They allow you to play when you want, wherever you want, without a coach or partner. A playing partner you can always count on is a portable tennis ball machine. In today’s article, we will evaluate the 10 best tennis ball machine list on the market today, including full features and prices for everyone’s convenience.

Benefits of the best tennis ball machine

One of the biggest reasons to buy a tennis ball machine is that they are there to assist you. Simple switch it on there at the tennis court. Your hitting partner may not have enough time or has a busy schedule, but with a tennis ball machine, you can practice anytime you want. Another great reason is that it can help you improve your skills significantly. For new players, hitting the ball continuously can be a challenge. Setting up a tennis machine to target exactly the same spot on the court every time means that players can practice any stroke over and over until it’s mastered.

In addition, many racquetball machines can be set up to shoot the ball in a variety of spins, directions, and heights that require a quick reaction from the player. So the tennis ball machine can improve mobility as well as exercise agility.

Top 10 best tennis ball machine

Spinshot-Player- $1899

This is the best tennis ball machine on the market for beginners or advanced players looking for a new experience. The machine has a capacity of more than 120 balls and can deliver balls from about 19 to 68 miles per hour (30-110 kmph). The ball delivery frequency of this polishing machine is from 2 to 10 seconds. The highlight of this machine is the application for mobile devices.

You can download them to your phone and customize exercises specifically for the areas of the game you want. This is very convenient compared to using a traditional remote-control machine. It’s surprising how light this machine is. Not only does it come with wheels for easy portability, but it also weighs less than 40 pounds. It doesn’t even take up too much space when stored, so you can easily slip it into the trunk of your car and head to any tennis court.


  • Has all the features you need for every skill level
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • Allow the use of mobile apps


  • The top speed is a bit low for highly qualified people


Spinshot-Plus- $1799

This ball machine is a great choice for players looking to improve any area of ​​their tennis game. The machine is set up with different oscillation and speed modes that can assist you in practicing all kinds of shots. You can also use Spinshot’s mobile app to control this machine. While this polisher costs less than Lobster’s Elite 2 with slightly less power, it’s more compact and you can play for hours without worrying about running out of battery.


  • Suitable for players of any skill level
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Easy control on mobile devices


  • Small top speed


Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable- $1,099.00-$2,799.00

The next best tennis ball machine is Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable. This machine can provide a great base workout. You can do both forehand and backhand thanks to the random oscillation that sends the ball from side to side. Like all Lobster Sports tennis ball machines, it has a larger ball capacity and can be loaded faster than the Spinshot Pro. However, this machine does not include remote control and is a bit bulkier than the Spinshot Pro. Overall this is a great machine and you can hit multiple balls and adjust your skill level.


  • Great for beginners to advanced players
  • It’s easy to move
  • Height is adjustable


  • No remote control function

Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine- $1345

The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine is a pretty affordable option for those looking to step up their tennis game. The machine holds a total of 110 balls, allowing people to spend less time picking up items during exercise. Although it handles a lot of different balls at the same time, it still works well without getting stuck or having a difficult situation in operation. The special thing is perhaps this is the lightest machine on the market available and can run entirely on battery. The battery life allows for up to 4 hours of practice time, more than enough for any player. At a decent price, this is a great option for any level player.


  • Trusted manufacturing brand
  • Very lightweight
  • High ball power


  • Low durability

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Phenom 2 Club Tennis Ball Machine- $1,099.00-$2,799.00

Lobster Sports’ tennis ball machine is truly outstanding and any player would appreciate it. It is quite expensive but what it gives you will feel is completely worth it. What stands out the most with this option from Lobster is that it has 12 different shooting exercises that simulate the play of certain players. Once installed, the machine will fire many balls at different speeds, different rotations, and of course different positions on the field. It weighs 99 pounds, so it’s not the simplest ball machine to move around.


  • There are 12 different exercises for any player
  • Programmable


  • So expensive
  • Heavy

Lobster Sports Phenom 2 Club Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite 2- $1,099.00-$2,799.00

Also on the list of best tennis ball machines, Lobster Sports Elite 2 is a great choice. This hitter will keep you moving around the court and can hit the ball at a variety of speeds, turns, and heights. In addition to its large ball capacity, it also has a fast-hitting speed of up to 80 mph. It delivers balls by random oscillation vertically, horizontally, or both. If you want to have remote control installation, you are required to pay extra.


  • Many speeds and rotations for players
  • It’s easy to move
  • Height can be easily adjusted


  • A remote control is sold separately

Lobster Sports Elite 2

Spinshot-Pro- $1,899.00

If you need a tennis ball machine to get fit and don’t need all the customization of advanced machines, the Spinshot Pro is for you. The machine can move the balls to the sides and launch a variety of shots. With its compact size, good battery life and wide range of speed and spin options, these features make it suitable even for children.


  • Provides a variety of speeds and spins for all skill levels
  • Very mobile


  • The feed depth must be set from the control panel and cannot fluctuate randomly.


Sports Tutor Tennis Cube- $819

This name cannot be forgotten in the best tennis ball machine collection, Sports Tutor Tennis Cube. This tennis batting machine is perfect for beginners, kids, and even most intermediate players. If you’re just getting started with tennis, this is a great way to improve your skills without spending a fortune on lessons. The Tennis Cube is a portable, lightweight, and variable batting machine with variable pitch, direction, and frequency of the ball.


  • Customize speed and altitude
  • Suitable for beginners and children


  • Not for advanced players
  • The ball power is quite low

Sports Tutor Tennis Cube

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine- $699

A beginner option for tennis players, this machine is capable of spitting out balls at speeds of at least 30 mph and it varies according to speed to provide players with a challenge. This is really a device that is easy to install and extremely durable. People don’t have to worry much as it is also fully battery operated, which means it can be used anywhere.


  • Useful for both conventional and smaller courts
  • Suitable for beginners and children
  • Different speeds


  • The top speed is quite low at 30 mph

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Playmate iSmash Tennis Ball Machine- $6,950.00

The last best tennis ball machine and also the most expensive one on today’s list. Smash has enough features to please the most avid players. With a 300-ball hopper, top and reverse spin, and 7-position programmable electronic direction, the ball shooter is suitable for players of all abilities. This machine runs on AC power and weighs 73 Ibs, making it suitable for tennis clubs or players with private courts. Also, Playmate Smash has a wide range of innovative features and a user-friendly control panel.


  • Height is adjustable
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Can be controlled remotely


  • Very expensive price
  • Heavyweight

best tennis ball machine

To conclude, practicing with the best tennis ball machine you can afford is a great way to improve your skills even further, regardless of your experience. They can help you improve your ball placement through repetitive practice, speed, endurance, strength, and more. This article has listed the 10 best tennis ball machine for you, hopefully bringing a lot of useful information.

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