The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags

The 8 Best Women's Tennis Bags

Whether you are a professional tennis player or just starting, finding tennis bags is essential. Each type of bag has its uses, refer to The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags article for more information.

1. Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink

The Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink is the first women’s tennis bag introduced by The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags. As the name implies, this bag is large and has ample storage space for everything you need to carry.

The bag is available in several colors, but it’s also customizable with special badges that you stick on the outside. Inside the main compartment of the bag, you’ll find two mesh pockets.

A side zippered pocket for small items and a hidden pocket at the bottom of the bag, perfect for storing your shoes separate from everything else.

Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink

The duffle also has an exterior zipper pocket at the front and a slip pocket on either end for quick storage of items like tennis balls or water bottles.

You can use the duffle handle or the detachable strap to carry your duffel around, and for multi-purpose use, there’s a removable yoga mat or towel strap to attach to the top of the bag. .

The bag is lightweight, certified vegan, machine washable, water resistant and has no glass windows. There’s even an RFID pocket to secure passports, IDs, and credit cards.

Price: 250$

2. Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack

Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack

As the name suggests, the Babolat Pure Drive racket bag has enough room to hold up to six tennis racquets, so while it doesn’t skimp on storage, it’s not too big either.

A few of my favorite parts about this bag include the heat-insulated racket compartment and the dedicated shoe compartment. Plus, it has the ideal storage capacity – not too big or small.

As you’d expect, the bag has external pockets to store your accessories like an overload case, phone, and keys. While this bag doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it is a reliable option at a competitive price that continues to be popular with competitive players.

Price: 99$

3. Wilson 15-Pack

Wilson 15-Pack

The Wilson 15-Pack is the next racket bag in The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags. As its name suggests, this bag can hold up to 15 racquets. If you are looking for a racket bag with maximum space, this one could be right in your lane.

The bag has three main compartments for racquets, clothes, tennis balls, gym equipment, and more. One of the main compartments is thermally lined to protect your racquets and strings from warmer conditions.

There are two large zippered side pockets for accessories, a ventilated shoe compartment and adjustable backpack straps for easy carrying.

While the bag is intentionally oversized, this will pose a drawback for some women, so I’ll point out if you’re looking for a racquet bag but want to keep the size manageable.

Price: 149$

4. Geau Sport Aether 3-Pack

Geau Sport Aether 3-Pack

Geau Sport started with a number of innovative backpacks and has expanded to add a number of additional colorful bags, including the Aether racket bag, a compact racket bag with a number of unique features.

The Aether has a sizable main enclosure to hold up to 3 tennis racquets and additional gear. You’ll find a larger exterior pocket for items like water bottles at one end. There’s also a felt-lined zippered accessory pocket to hold your phone, valuables, or other small items.

There is a mesh zipper pocket on one side of the bag, which spans the entire length, giving the bag a unique style and is also very practical for holding items like towels that you want to breathe.

If you’re looking for a minimalist racket bag that’s intentionally compact on the smaller side, it’s a great choice.

Price: 85$

5. Adidas Graphic

Adidas Graphic

If you’re looking for a mid-sized bag for women’s tennis, don’t miss the Adidas Graphic bag. It’s a no-frills bag with an exterior quick-access zip pocket and a large main compartment with another smaller zip pocket.

The bag has a longer strap and a removable shoulder strap should you need some extra support to transport your gear.

The design is quite simple and unfussy, this bag is suitable for both men and women, those who are looking for The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags definitely do not miss this bag.

Price: $54.00-$59.99

6. Adidas Diablo

Adidas Diablo

Smaller than the Adidas Graphic bag, the Adidas Diablo is another worthy option for women to bring their personal belongings to the tennis court.

It’s a super simple bag with a large main compartment, handles and an adjustable strap. While it’s a simple duffle, it’s also affordable, so you should give it a try if you’re looking for a less expensive option for your tennis bag.

Price: $29.88-$61.50

7. Wilson Clash

Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash is one of Wilson’s best-selling tennis bags, and it’s also a favorite among many tennis players.

While it’s a smaller duffel bag, it’s large enough to comfortably hold a couple of tennis rackets, along with any other gear you might want to carry, including personal clothes, towels, water bottle.

I appreciate how the bag has an external shoe compartment to keep them separate from the rest of your clothes, which is also great for storing wet, dirty clothes after a game or practice.

Finally, for carrying around, the bag comes with adjustable straps, which is ideal for you to find the right bag no matter your height.

Price: $139.00

8. Vessel Baseline

Vessel Baseline

The Vessel Baseline Racket Bag is the final bag in The 8 Best Women’s Tennis Bags. It is also the bag that is loved by the majority of tennis players. It is the perfect blend of style and ergonomic design with many features that set it apart from the rest.

The bag has two main parts. On one side, there is a heated racket compartment for warmer climates that can comfortably hold two racquets, and on the opposite side, there is a large compartment with more space to store the rest of your gear.

You’ll also find a dedicated shoe compartment and four exterior pockets to keep things organized, including a thermally lined water bottle pocket and a velcro-lined valuables pocket.

Vessel’s Baseline racquet bag has a lot to offer, from the quality zipper to the comfortable detachable backpack strap and the durable material. However, my biggest takeaway about the bag is its size for a racket bag, so that’s worth noting.

If you’re looking for something a little more manageable, the Vessel Baseline tennis backpack is well worth a try.

Price: 200$

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