The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt

The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt

Each sport requires the preparation of clothing suitable for weather conditions as well as the environment. Sports like tennis and golf have special clothing options to enhance your experience of the sport. Do not ignore the article The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt because it provides special points about the costumes of these two unique sports.

1. What is a golf skirt?

Golf skirt

Golf skirts are made for women to wear while playing golf. They usually come with a small pair of shorts sewn inside the skirt. Golf skirts are usually straight skirts. It may have small slits on the sides to maintain portability. Some golf skirts have pleats at the bottom. These dresses hug the figure of whoever wears them. You can find them in different lengths.

They are made to make your physical activities comfortable while offering a unique style of golf. One great thing about golf skirts that The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt recommends is that they are not only useful in sports but also useful in everyday life. Some golf dress models have pockets designed to hold small gear like golf balls and gloves.

You can also use those pockets to store your phone or keys. The pockets are usually hidden inside, so they don’t take up much of the dress. Different styles of golf skirts have become more popular nowaday. You can always choose the straight skirt style you usually wear or choose one of the more intricate pleated styles.

2. What is a Tennis Skirt?

Tennis Skirt

A tennis skirt is a type of dress for women that is often worn during tennis matches. They are usually designed as a rather plain dress or just lightly patterned with small vertical pleats running around the entire garment. While the name certainly indicates a use, due to the comfortable and often visually appealing nature of the garment, some women wear tennis skirts for other sporting activities or for fashion reasons. 

Although not always a traditional part of women’s tennis apparel, these garments are known as tennis skirts due to their popularity on the tennis court. This is also the next information that The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt provides you.

3. Main Differences Between a Golf Skirt and Tennis Skirt

Although both types of skirts share some practically similar features, there are a few differences between the two types of skirts. This is also the focus of the article The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt.

1. Length of skirt

The main difference between golf skirts and tennis skirts concerns the overall length of each. As a general rule, golf skirts will usually be slightly longer than tennis skirts. Most golf skirts are about 14 to 20 inches long while most tennis skirts are 12 to 15 inches. The reason behind the difference in length is related to the fact between the two sports.

Athletes of both sports need to perform different types of movement. For example, the sport of tennis requires a lot of agile movements such as sprinting, jumping, turning and running. Meanwhile, golf only requires swinging the club and making short moves.

Tennis skirts are designed to be shorter so as not to hinder the athlete’s movement during an intense match. Another reason for the difference in skirt length between the two sports is due to dress codes. Most golf courses and organizations (like the PGA Tour) require golf skirts to be at least 14 inches long. Tennis organizations do not have a set length rule for skirts.

2. Number of Pockets

This is a major difference between golf skirts and tennis skirts that The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt covers. Most golf skirts have front pockets and may even have back pockets. This makes perfect sense as golfers need a convenient location to store all their essentials such as golf balls, score cards.

On the other hand, tennis skirts have only one pocket or no pockets at all. The reason is that a tennis player only needs to keep a spare tennis ball on hand.

3. Built-In Shorts

All tennis skirts are made with tailored shorts inside. This is to keep players comfortable and prevent their underwear from showing during competition. While most golf skirts also come with shorts included, there are also some options that aren’t available. For either sport, skirts with built-in shorts are often preferred. This is also the next information that The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt sends to you.

4. Fastenings

This is a difference you may or may not notice between a golf skirt and a tennis skirt. Golf dresses often come in many different ways of wearing, such as buttons, or zippers. But conversely, tennis skirts don’t need to be tied tight to stay tight on your body.

With that, tennis skirts never come with a belt loop because the belt can cause a lot of restrictions for players on the tennis court. On the other hand, a lot of women’s golf dresses are made with belt loops. This is for their own stylistic reasons.

5. Style

Both styles of dresses also have their own unique designs. Golf skirts are often designed to be more versatile and can be worn off the course because they are easy to pair with casual wear. Tennis skirts have a more sporty design and are usually only used on tennis courts.

However, in recent years tennis skirts have offered more style options than in the past. This is also the next information that The 6 Best Things Between Golf Skirt And Tennis Skirt sends to you.

6. Material

While both types of skirts typically come in some combination of materials such as spandex, nylon, cotton, and polyester, the mix of materials is not the same for each dress. Tennis skirts are made from more resilient materials because tennis players need to bend and flex more often than golfers.

Also, tennis requires a bit more physical activity than golf, so tennis skirts are often made of fabrics that wick away moisture better. This helps tennis players not feel uncomfortable when sweating too much. Golf skirts typically have a higher percentage of cotton because it sweats less on the golf course, especially in the fall and spring.

4. Pros/Cons of Playing Tennis in a Golf Skirt


– You’ll have plenty of small pockets to hold tennis balls, which can be more comfortable than stuffing them inside your built-in shorts.

– You will have better protection because you will not expose as much of your body as when wearing a tennis skirt.

– Golf dresses can often go easy with everyday wear and can be worn to attend small events.

– You’ll be able to stay warm on colder days of the year because of the thicker fabric.


– Length will affect some of the athletic movements that tennis requires.

– The fabric of a golf skirt does not absorb sweat as much as a tennis skirt so you may not feel dry and comfortable.

5. Pros/Cons of Playing Golf in a Tennis Skirt


– The elastic waistband of the tennis skirt will help you hug your body more comfortably and you will not need a belt.

– The higher spandex and polyester material of the tennis skirt will keep you dry on hot, humid summer days.

– You won’t have any problems with any of the usual golf swings like swinging and putting.


– If you are playing in an official golf tournament run by a governing body, you will have to accept strict dress codes such as a ban on wearing too-short skirts.

– You won’t have many pockets to hold all your golf accessories like tees, pens, and divot gear.

6. Related questions

Can You Wear A Tennis Skirt For Golf?

There is almost no problem if you use a tennis skirt on the golf course. Having a softer dress won’t make it harder for you to play. Therefore, you can completely use a tennis skirt to play golf. It is important that you check the rules on the golf course. For example, golf skirts will not be allowed to be shorter than 14 inches.

Many tennis skirts have length measurements shorter than that so if your dress is shorter than that, it won’t be allowed on the golf course. However, if it’s not a contest then you can omit this factor. You can skip it if it’s not official and just play randomly. Having said that, many golf courses implement strict dress codes. If the dress code is that strict, you can still get stuck in the 14-inch rule.

Can You Wear A Golf Skirt For Tennis?

The dress code in tennis is usually not as strict as it is in golf. The ITF also does not mention golf dress attire in their regulations. Therefore, you can absolutely wear a golf dress on the tennis court. However, golf skirts will be tighter and tighter than tennis skirts. This is because golf does not require as much agility as in tennis.

As a result, golf skirts will be tighter, they will restrict your movement more than classic tennis skirts. However, tennis skirts will not have small pockets attached. This is probably a drawback if you choose to use a golf skirt on the tennis court. The problem with a golf skirt is that even if it has pockets, it still won’t be wide enough to hold a tennis ball. At the same time, it will not come with a place to put the ball.

Although each type of skirt has its own characteristics and benefits. However, you also need to learn about the dress code of each sport to choose the best outfit for you.

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