Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton

Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton

Badminton and tennis are sports that are played quite popular all over the world. These two sports are also sports that are regularly competed in famous tournaments like the Olympics. The article Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton will talk more about the differences between these two sports.

What is tennis?


Tennis is a racquet sport played individually against one opponent or a team, two players against another of two teams. A hollow rubber ball covered with the sensation of being hit by a net using a racket strung with wires into the opponent’s court. The goal is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent cannot play a good back.

Tennis is an Olympic sport played by individuals of all ages, even those using wheelchairs. It is believed that the origins of tennis go back to the 12th century in the north of France, where the ball was hit with the palm. It is said that King Louis X of France was an enthusiastic player of this game then known as jeu de paume means game of the palm.

However, between 1859 and 1865, Harry Gem and his friend, Augurio Perera, developed a similar game of racquets and, in turn, in 1872, founded the world’s first tennis club in Leamington Spa. This is also the first information in Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton.

What is badminton?


It is a racquet sport played with strings and badminton, badminton can be played individually against an opponent or between two teams, consisting of two players on each side of the court. It is on either side of the rectangular field divided by a grid that the two teams position themselves and attack the players through the net into the opponent’s field.

A player can only attack badminton once after it crosses the net. If badminton touches the floor, the handling phase is over. Badminton can be played both indoors and outdoors. Although matches may be affected by wind, competitive badminton will be primarily played indoors.

However, the origins of badminton can be traced back to the mid-1800s in England, where British military officers stationed there are said to have created it. However, it was the Bath Badminton club that standardized the rules of the game in 1875, establishing a badminton club in Folkestone. This is a follow-up to Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton.

What is the difference between Tennis and Badminton?

Tennis and badminton are racquet sports that can be played individually or in groups of two. Both are Olympic sports that are popular around the world. However, they are two very different games that involve different rules, components as well as devices to play.

– Tennis courts are usually larger than badminton courts. A tennis court is 36 feet wide and 78 feet long while a badminton court is only 20 feet wide and 44 feet long.

– Tennis racquets are usually larger and heavier than badminton rackets. Tennis racquet heads can be from 90 to 100 square inches up to 27.5 inches wide. A tennis racket can weigh around 350g when strung. A badminton racket weighs about 100g.

– Tennis players manipulate the ball using different spins while badminton players drop the shuttlecock and serve it over the net.

– A tennis ball used in tennis. In badminton, a shuttlecock is used.

The popularity of badminton and tennis

Tennis is a sport that is said to be more popular than badminton. Contrary to the popularity of tennis as it is known in most countries, badminton is a sport that is better known as a popular sport in Asia because the countries in Asia account for it. achievement advantage. However, recently badminton has become popular in both America and Africa.

Badminton player from Guatemala, Kevin Gordon has become a superstar after reaching the semi-finals of men’s singles at the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. However, in the UK, badminton, and tennis have both had longstanding prestigious tournaments, namely All England since 1899 and Wimbledon since 1877.

Difficulties in the process of participating in the game

Both tennis and badminton have their challenges and difficulties. In badminton, players are challenged so that the ball does not fall within the scoring area of ​​the playing field. Therefore, the game of badminton often presents an attractive and fast game. Meanwhile, in tennis, the ball is allowed to bounce once on its playing court.

However, throwing the ball is a challenge and requires its uniqueness. The player must be able to guess the direction of the ball’s reflection before swinging the ball as a counterattack into the opponent’s court.
Although badminton and tennis have many similarities, badminton and tennis have their characteristics. Because it is faster than tennis, badminton relies on moving speed, body elasticity, and good reflexes.

Meanwhile, due to the wider court coverage, tennis sometimes requires more strength and muscular fitness. However, sports that use rackets such as badminton and tennis are very good exercises for cardiovascular health. Therefore, more calories are burned when doing sports such as badminton and tennis, which is also a suggestion for those who want to lose weight.

In addition, badminton and tennis require good coordination between the body and brain reflexes, involving planning, tactical thinking, and creativity in play. In addition to improving nerve connections and building new neurons, both badminton and tennis can provide you with many health benefits, including brain function in learning, memory, social skills, and behavior. This is also interesting information that Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton send to you.

Hope the article Surprising Facts About The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton will provide you with useful information.

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