Paddle Tennis- The Most Basic Information and Rules

Paddle Tennis- The Most Basic Information and Rules

Did you know that Padel, Paddle tennis, and Platform tennis are three games that all have their roots in tennis but have some differences? Paddle tennis is the most popular and widely played around the world. It is also one of the fastest-growing sports in the world in terms of the number of participants. Today we will learn about the basics and rules of Paddle Tennis!

What is Paddle Tennis?

Paddle Tennis is a sport that combines action and social interaction. This is a great sport for players of all ages and skills, as it is both quick and easy. Most players grasp the basics within the first half hour of playing so they can enjoy the game. Paddle Tennis is not dominated by power, technique, and serve as in Tennis and is, therefore, an ideal game for men, women, and youth competing against each other. An important skill is match-craft, as points are won instead of strategy rather than strength. Paddle Tennis has been around since 1915 in New York and can be played both indoors and outdoors.
What is Paddle Tennis?


The paddle is a combination of Tennis and Squash. It is typically played in doubles on a court that is encased by glass and metal walls. Although paddle tennis is similar to grass tennis, the size of the paddle tennis court is smaller and the net is lower than the specifications of the grass tennis court. The field is 1/3 the size of a tennis court.

In terms of specific dimensions, the yard has a length of 20m, and a width of 10m with the back walls made of glass or sturdy materials up to 3m high. The rest is closed with metal mesh 4 meters high. In the middle of the playing field, there is a net dividing the field in half. It has a maximum height of 88 cm in the center, rising to 92 cm on both sides. The game has been played for over a century now and is gaining immense popularity all over the world. Paddle tennis is played on a small court, which calls for more agility and quicker reactions.

Racquet and ball

The sport is enjoyable and addictive to play because it is simple to pick up quickly. Use a low-compression tennis ball and a short, stringless racquet with an elastic surface. Shots are taken before or after the ball bounces off the surrounding glass walls, adding a unique aspect to the sport compared to regular tennis.

The Rules of Paddle Tennis

Here are some tennis rules that are built to maintain the spirit of the game. To meet the requirements set forth by the Tennis Rowing Association of America, paddles used in this game must not be larger than 9 1/2 inches by 18 inches. It must be made of some solid material, such as wood, and there should be no wires in it. The paddle is also perforated for less air resistance. The ball used in this game must be a pressurized tennis ball that meets the requirements set forth by the United States Tennis Association. The ball must be punctured to relieve its internal pressure.

In addition, players must wear appropriate clothing and shoes must have non-marking rubber soles. Tennis is always played outside mainly in the winter so that the ball and the barriers surrounding the court are firmer and not too “bouncy”. The space under the yard allows the installation of heating devices to facilitate year-round play. Besides, Paddle tennis is always played in doubles form. The nature of these games is a little less technical than tennis, but still requires hand-to-hand coordination, the ball that tennis players have honed. As a result, there are many factors that can be converted from the game of tennis to these sports allowing seasoned tennis players to start in the middle of the learning curve.

The Rules of Paddle Tennis

To start the game, two players toss or spin the paddles to choose the side to serve. If this player serves, the other player gets to choose the side and vice versa. When serving, the player should not hit the ball more than 31 inches. The player is only allowed to serve once and if he commits a foul, he loses one point. A player may toss the ball into the air or throw the ball behind the end line during service, but note that whichever type of service is selected, that method must be used for the entire game.

Lawn tennis scoring is comparable to paddle tennis scoring. The first point is won for the player 15, the second 30, the third 40 while the fourth helps him win the game. To win a set, a player needs to lead his opponent by 2 games. A break of 60 seconds is allowed when switching sides, 10 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and 15 seconds between points allowed. Unnecessary delays may result in disqualification.

During play, a team loses a point if the ball is played twice, If the ball lands outside the touchline or line or touches the net or any other object, the Ball touches any part of the player, and Any player who touches the net while the ball is in play. Above all, the most important thing in any sport is sportsmanship. Players must comply with the rules and regulations of the game to ensure free and fair competition. Therefore the rules of paddle tennis were formed to ensure fairness in the game.

paddle tennis


To sum up, Paddle tennis is a great option for anyone who wants to be physically active. This sport can be competitive but can also be played just for fun. Paddle tennis offers a fun way to stay healthy and social! In today’s article, we have introduced an overview of Paddle Tennis as well as the rules of the game. Hope has brought you a lot of useful information and knows more interesting things about this sport.

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