Our 10 fashionable ideas of outfits with white tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are commonly thought of as being worn only while playing tennis, but are they actually only suitable for that activity? How about outfits with white tennis shoes?

Are white tennis shoes just worn for tennis, as the name would imply? No, white tennis shoes are just plain white sneakers with a low neck that go well with a variety of clothes. White tennis shoes are easy to dress up in because you can wear them to work and weekend buddy gatherings. Here let’s refer outfits with white tennis shoes in daily activities.

Outfits with white tennis shoes

I’ll demonstrate how to style outfits with white tennis shoes with dresses, jeans, winter outfits, and everything in between in the section below.

1. Boyfriend Jeans + White Tee

Outfits with white tennis shoes

A classic exists for a purpose. Straightforward, fashionable, and simple to mix with jewelry or accessories.

A simple ensemble that has endured the test of time is one that includes a spotless pair of white sneakers, a clean white tee, and blue jeans: By matching your top to your shoes, you maintain the matchy-matchy look without going crazy. This gives your outfit a subtle sense of synchronization. A pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt is a timeless outfit combo that can look put together if you pay close attention to your proportions (e.g., skinny jeans and an oversized T-shirt tucked in, or roomy jeans and a form-fitting top).

2. Casual Mini Dress + Jean Jacket

Outfits with white tennis shoes

White tennis shoes help to maintain a style that look casual and cool when worn with a little dress like this. A denim jacket completes the effortless day-to-night appearance.

I personally try to steer clear of using bulky white shoes with flowing gowns and instead choose a more slender silhouette. White sneakers that are bigger and bulkier, in my opinion, have a more athletic sense and can completely overpower a feminine garment.

3. Midi Skirt + T-Shirt

Outfits with white tennis shoes

A vintage tee tied in a knot and a timeless pair of white sneakers help to keep a silk midi skirt informal.

4. Highlighting the “all black” outfits with white tennis shoes

Highlighting the "all black" outfits with white tennis shoes

When you are in the mood to wear a “black tree” but do not want the outfit to become boring, combine it with white tennis shoes. White shoes will become a prominent highlight while maintaining the overall harmony.

5. Leather Leggings + Sweater

Here, we love a good pair of leather leggings. You can easily upgrade your style for brunch with the gals by adding a white t-shirt inside and sweater outside to keep warm in cold weather. Either a chunky white sneaker or something a little more sleek will work for this.

6. Combine with blazer or trendy suit

Combine with blazer or trendy suit

If you are an office girl or love elegant style, this is a very good combination. Try replacing your everyday heels with a comfortable pair of white tennis shoes. Rest assured that you will still maintain the required office look, but on the condition that you need to keep your white shoes clean, not too dirty.

7. With a Blazer

White tennis shoes with a Blazer

The “business casual” assignment is understood by this mix. White shoes and a blazer suggest “I’m cool, calm, and collected” while still conveying professionalism on top and a relaxed attitude on the bottom. In addition, you may leave the room more quickly in sneakers than in heels if you need to.

8. Midi dress with white tennis shoes


Midi dress with white tennis shoes

I can’t wait to attempt this combination in the warmer months. I’m presently coveting this midi dress! It’s so cute.

Undoubtedly, a less bulky pair of white sneakers goes best with a larger garment like this one.

I would also choose a dress that ends at the shin or higher. You run the danger of seeming too old if you approach the ankle area too closely.

9. Jean shorts + tank top

You have a little more flexible when choosing a white sneaker model if you’re wearing jean shorts with them. Anything works, including chunky, platform, high-top, and slip-on shoes.

These are my all time favorite pair of denim cutoff shorts. You only need to wear them with a pretty or vivid tank top to be ready!

10. All white outfit with white tennis shoes

All white outfit with white tennis shoes


I’ll finish with my all-time favorite ensemble of white sneakers. Nothing is more stylish than a white button up and a timeless pair of white pants. If you’re unsure about how to style white sneakers for winter, you have this option. White is the color of winter!

You can rule the world after donning a faux fur coat.


Do you have any favorite outfits with white tennis shoes that I missed mentioning? Leave Tennisqa a comment with your favorites!


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