How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch in 6 Easy Tips

How to Wear a Tennis Bracelet With a Watch in 6 Easy Tips

Tennis bracelets are a popular piece of jewelry chosen by most women of all ages because they are simply the most beautiful and stylish accessory on the arm. There are many different styles, whether you want to go to a fancy dinner party or go out for a casual walk, we have a good idea for you. Although the tennis bracelet looks gorgeous, it is equally wonderful when paired with other accessories such as watches. So how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch? Read our article to learn more.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets have been around for a long time and became fashionable in the 2000s and are now making a strong comeback in early 2022. It is the perfect piece of jewelry that can go with almost anything. Tennis bracelets made with diamonds can be used to complement any wardrobe. You may be wondering why tennis bracelets are such a prized unique accessory.

Its popularity is not only because of the style but because it is also very light and not too tight around your wrist. In addition, it is also known as the eternal bracelet because the small diamonds and thin metal chain continue to stretch to infinity. It is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone. Above all, tennis bracelets are the ideal piece of jewelry to present to a loved one on any occasion.

5 different types of Tennis Bracelets

There are 5 main types of tennis bracelets, framed, baguette, multi-row, prongs and designer tennis bracelets. Let’s learn about the characteristics of each type right below.

Bezel Tennis Bracelet

The Bezel Tennis Bracelet is the most popular tennis bracelet, characterized by a bezel with round cut diamonds scattered throughout the bracelet creating one of the most glamorous and luxurious pieces of jewelry. This bracelet is both simple and eye-catching, so it is the kind of tennis bracelet that anyone loves and wants to own. The best part is the diamond bezel tennis bracelets in sizes ranging from 2 carats to 10 carats, usually made of natural diamonds.

Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Baguette Tennis Bracelet

This bracelet features baguette-cut diamonds in a row, giving you rectangular or square diamonds to wear on your wrist.

Multiple-Rows Tennis Bracelet

If you are looking for a thick tennis bracelet, this will be a great choice. It is thicker because it has two or more rows of diamonds running in a straight line. Most of these bracelets have about 5 rows of round cut diamonds that will make you look elegant and even a little rich. The rows of diamonds are stacked and the rows can be barbed or beveled, depending on the bracelet style you are choosing.

Multiple-Rows Tennis Bracelet

Prongs Tennis Bracelet

The fourth type is the Prongs Tennis Bracelet. This is a bracelet with prongs in small metal projections that secure each stone. The prong installation types and the number of prongs vary depending on the installation type. In general, larger-carat diamonds are held by at least 4 prongs, while 2 or 3 prongs contain smaller-carat diamonds.

Prongs Tennis Bracelet

Designer Tennis Bracelet

Last on the list of popular tennis bracelets are designer tennis bracelets. This is a popular and most loved type of bracelet made with round, halo-shaped diamonds. Diamond lines run from top to bottom like round stones covering the entire bracelet. This designer bracelet is one of the most expensive types of bracelets. Those are the 5 most popular styles of tennis bracelets. Now we will learn how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch in the next section.

how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

In general, the best way for you to wear your tennis bracelet is to wear it yourself. The bracelet is like a stand-alone piece of jewelry that enhances your elegance no matter what the outfit. But you can also combine it with any other bracelet or watch. There are a few notes when wearing as follows:

Consider the material

While pairing tennis bracelets with other accessories is a great way to add style to your look, it is best to avoid mixing metals as metal bands can scratch and diamonds can damage the bracelet’s other jewelry. So consider wearing a leather or fabric watch to avoid damaging the watch as well as the bracelet. The type of watch you choose to wear with your tennis bracelet is a personal choice, but always make sure that the watch you use complements your diamond tennis bracelet. Choose a simple watch with a plain face instead of a watch with an overly complicated design that will take away the prominence of the tennis bracelet.

Mix colors

In addition to mixing and matching materials, you should also take care of the color arrangement between the tennis bracelet and the watch. Ideally, you want the metal of the tennis bracelet to match the metal of the watch. This idea also holds true for other accessories like rings and earrings. You don’t want to wear a silver ring with gold earrings.

Metal mixture

You can also mix metals together. Consider wearing your white gold or platinum tennis bracelet with a platinum or white gold watch. This blend ensures the pieces don’t mix together and ensures the perfect sparkle for your hands.

Create a symmetrical look

Creating a balanced look is also important. For example, if you just want to wear a bracelet, don’t wear it near your watch. Make sure you wear it on the opposite wrist. Think of your wrist as a scale. Each type should be balanced with the same amount of jewelry. On the other hand, if you’re wearing stacked bracelets, you can thread a few onto the side of your watch for balance.

Appropriate size

Make sure your bracelet size doesn’t overwhelm your watch in size. You are looking for a balanced look. Don’t let your watch and bracelet have the same width. If you have a large watch, you’ll need a wider bracelet. It is best to wear small and thin bracelets if you are wearing several at once.

Consider wrist size

You can wear your tennis bracelet on a daily basis, but styling your tennis bracelet and watch for everyday wear can be a bit tricky. Consider your wrist size carefully. For example, if you are slim and have small wrists, wearing a bulky metal watch with a tennis bracelet can have the effect of making your arm shorter than the other. Now you have learned how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch, right?

To sum up, Our today’s article has introduced tennis bracelets, 5 popular tennis bracelets as well as how to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch. Wearing a fashion watch paired with a tennis bracelet has been around for a long time and there is a lot of inspiration for how to wear them together. Social media has played a major role in this and continues to drive the world of jewelry fashion into more and more popularity.

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