Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot

Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot

No need for expensive massage equipment, you can completely relax your muscles after a tiring working day with just a tennis ball. The article Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot will give information about foot massage with tennis balls.

The unexpected massage use of tennis balls

There are many types of balls, but the reason you should choose a tennis ball is that this ball has a size, softness, and bounce that is very suitable for the muscles in the body. Not to mention, the ball within reach is also convenient for you to use when riding the train, which is the most tiring posture.

The principle of massage with tennis balls is to use the ball to apply pressure to a certain point or area to relieve muscle tension and fatigue. In addition, the use of body weight to form a downward pressure also makes the massage process longer than conventional self-massage movements.

Thanks to that, the speed and results when massage also become faster and more effective. This is the first information in Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot.

How to massage with tennis balls?

Based on the above basic principle, all you need to do is place the tennis ball on the area that feels pain and tension. Then, press down with your hands or body weight and roll back and forth until it feels more comfortable. You can apply with 1 to 2 balls depending on the area of ​​the muscle tension.

Benefits of rolling the soles of the feet with a tennis ball

Rolling your feet on a tennis ball is very beneficial because it allows the body to control where the foot comes in contact and how much pressure is applied. This is the perfect self-care exercise for you. The size and softness of the tennis ball are ideal as it provides a common surface area to release tension in the foot. The smaller the ball, the less cushion it has, and the more the ball can aim for positions of greater tension.

Using a tennis ball allows the superficial muscles of the foot to relax. This repetition gradually exposes the locations of the deeper layers of muscles and ligaments of the foot (where pain and tension are frequent). As your feet get used to the tennis ball, you can eventually use a smaller size ball to apply pressure directly to the more stressed areas.

Another great benefit of rolling a tennis ball on your feet is its healing effect on the reflex sites that correspond to the body. As mentioned earlier, the smaller the ball, the more specific it can be. Because there are thousands of nerves in the feet, this tennis ball exercise is very beneficial for the brain and nervous system.

The reason is that it strengthens sensory connections from parts of the foot that have become weak due to improper use. This is the next information in Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot.

How should I massage my feet with a tennis ball?

Rolling a tennis ball on the soles of your feet becomes a daily activity that energizes not only the muscles in your feet but your entire body. The improved blood circulation brings nutrition to the feet, which are the furthest part from the heart. Furthermore, the rolling motion of the foot on the tennis ball engages the 13 lower calf muscles that help keep your balance and push your feet more flexibly.

There’s a concept called overtraining, so to avoid harming your feet, roll the tennis ball for 2-5 minutes per foot in the morning or at the end of the day. Gradually increase your time to 10 minutes per step, which allows more time to work on restoring and maintaining healthy feet.

Techniques that can be used in the process of massaging the feet with a tennis ball

Place the ball in the center of your foot and slowly roll the ball toward your toes. Let the movement begin with one step at a time and build up the range of motion until the ball reaches the length between the pad of the foot and the heel. If you lose control of the ball, don’t worry because sometimes maneuvering the ball takes time, so move slowly.

To be more specific, place the ball on the outside of the foot at the heel and use pressure to direct the ball in a direction of motion toward the big toe. Repeat this step from heel to toe starting from the outside to the inside of the foot. Be patient as it is a bit more complicated than you think. This is the next information in Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot.

This is a reflexology technique using a tennis ball that Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot shares. It is called cleansing the foot area, which opens up energy pathways throughout the body. To relax the muscles that cling to the arch of your foot, you have to be extra careful because this part of your foot doesn’t bear weight or touch the ground, so it’s more sensitive.

Position your foot so that your knee is slightly over the other knee and slowly move the ball in an arch for about 3-5 passes. Terms acupressure, this is also very stimulating to your body’s spine. Next, place the ball in the middle of your foot and move the ball from left to right to relax, this area plays a very important function in how the foot bears weight. It is also a reflex area associated with the digestive system, which means that this movement can help release stagnant bowel contents.

To strengthen your toes and improve balance, place pads underneath your toes on a tennis ball and squeeze your toes, hold for 2-3 seconds, then release. Do this 5 times. Then, gently place the weight from all toes on the ball and bend the toes backward, holding for 2-5 seconds.

One caveat you need to be aware of is that many of us wear shoes that bind our toes to tight shoes, thus weakening the toes’ ability to bend and extend. So this can hurt the foot even more.

Hope the article Benefits Of Rolling Tennis Ball Under Foot will provide useful information for you.

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